The Marriage Gamble is a book everyone should read, married or not. My husband and I have been married for 32 years and we both learned a great deal from the book. Marilyn T. Dallas, Texas

I am 58 and have been divorced 3 times. I bought The Marriage Gamble but didn’t read it for several months. After yet another failed relationship, I finally started reading the book. I was amazed at what I learned and never expected that I would benefit as I have from reading it. I realize now that there is so much you can learn about relationships that will help you improve what you do within the relationship, and now I understand better than ever why my three marriages failed. There is so much more my wives and I could have done but didn’t know to do. Thank you Steve Bruneman for writing this book. Mark K. Southlake, Texas

The Marriage Gamble is amazing. I was given a copy of it from a friend. I’m a single mom in my early 30’s and have a teenage son. I have never been married but have had many failed relationships. After reading this book I finally understood that a lot of the reasons my relationships failed has been due to my own behavior rather than that of the men in my life. The Marriage Gamble explained to me many things I never knew to do in a relationship. Now I use the book as a test to vet new relationships. If the man I’m seriously interested in won’t sit with me and read the book together and discuss what we read, then that alone tells me he isn’t willing to do the work in our relationship. I now know what “the work” within this context really means and I understand how to do it, every day. I highly recommend that everyone read this book. It is truly amazing. Alexis H. Grand Prairie, Texas

My daughter bought The Marriage Gamble and I read it before she had a chance to do so. I am a retired reading teacher and my daughter and I read a lot of books and share them. I read this book and it touched me greatly. I am 87 years old and can truthfully say it is a book that everyone needs to read. I don’t write authors often but I felt compelled to write Steve and tell him my thoughts. Thank you Steve for writing The Marriage Gamble. Crystal C. Odessa, Texas

I recently met Steven Bruneman, a family law attorney, who is also the author of The Marriage Gamble. He was pedaling his book at one of my networking meetings. I really had no interest in buying his book: 1. I am not a huge fan of lawyers (and Steve looks so much like what you’d expect a lawyer to look like he could easily play one in a movie), and 2, after 20 years of marriage my hubby is still smiling so I thought I had it figured out. When Steve suggested I should read his book, I proceeded to tell him how I had the marriage thing all figured out. He agreed with what I had to say, which included bedroom wishes granted and physical self-maintenance, but he said there was so much more that I probably hadn’t thought about. He was so right that I can honestly say it was the best $20 I’ve spent in a really long time, and I dog-eared 38 pages. A family law attorney for 30 years, Steve is very insightful and extremely candid. It’s also nice to hear a man’s perspective on marriage. Originally, I was going to have my kiddos read the book (with a 50% failure rate, I believe it’s never too early to start educating children about marriage), but I really didn’t want to endure the eye rolling at yet another educational opportunity nor did I think I could fully trust they would actually read it. Instead, I opted to use it as dinner-time conversation. Our first reading included “That client saw many red flags and confessed that she ignored the voice in her head telling her to run away before the wedding. Do not ignore them (red flags), do not think they will disappear on their own. Do not minimize them and understand if they are bothersome now, the bothersome effects will absolutely grow over time, not diminish.” My family’s reaction to the readings was surprisingly positive. In my peripheral vision, I even saw my husband, who is naturally very smart and doesn’t see the need for self-help books about marriage and raising children, nodding his head in agreement with what Steve had to say. It opened the door for some great conversation between all four of us. I used to laugh recalling the story of when my husband told some friends that marriage was a lot of work, and I came back with, “It is?” Now I find it sad that he was the only one working at it, while I was just along for the joy ride. I now realize (from the book) that those quiet little hints are actually my husband gently telling me what he needs from me. While I’m certainly never going to be the perfect wife, I am very thankful to have read Steve’s book. I am also thankful that, although I’ve made some pretty major errors in our marriage (which I didn’t even know I was making until I read The Marriage Gamble), we have survived them. The rest of the story is, the next day after our first dinner book reading, my 15 year old daughter told me that was the first meaningful conversation she ever had with her dad. Needless to say that brought tears to my eyes. Misty H., Plano, Texas

The Marriage Gamble by Steven Bruneman is a brilliant book that every single, engaged and married person should read. This 178 page book is filled with an abundance of insightful and pertinent information people need to know and understand how to apply. Bruneman’s expertise as a divorce attorney brings an element of counsel that can’t be delivered by anyone without his expertise. With 32 easy to read chapters, he focuses equally on what men and woman alike should do to maintain their marriage. Sharing personal testimonies; he draws the reader in to see beyond the lawyer stigma to a man with a passion for helping others succeed in marriage. Poignant points like ‘More people care about weight loss than spouse loss’ and how people don’t truly listen to their spouses bring to light the magnitude of the issues crippling marriage in our society. While the book is filled with examples and suggestions; further examination and implementation would be beneficial; however, understanding that the content is from a perspective of a lawyer and not a psychologist the reader should be very forgiving. Steven Bruneman’s writing style is very straightforward as he dives into touchy subjects as money, sex and sexuality, parenting, and much more. Through reading this book the bottom line message is really helping people become selfless instead of selfish. For anyone who wants to improve their relationships, have a better understanding of wants, needs, and expectations; this book is a must read that will leave any reader fulfilled and married for decades to come. Julie Blair, M.A. Author, Speaker, Trainer