About Steve Bruneman - Winning the Marriage Gamble

About Steve Bruneman - Winning the Marriage Gamble - Marriage Training and CounselingSteven Bruneman – author of Winning the Marriage Gamble – a native-born Texan, became a Texas trial lawyer in 1981 at age 25. He is board certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has devoted his law practice exclusively to family law since 1993 and six times he has been named a Texas Super Lawyer as published in Texas Monthly magazine. Due to his extraordinary legal and personal experience, and unique insight and immersion into divorce issues for decades, Steve is able to skilfully advise and guide clients through this emotionally charged, life altering event – divorce.

As the result of his own twenty year marriage ending in 2007, Steve, a father of twins, felt the emotional impact of divorce and the loss that it brought to his life. The impact of his divorce, coupled with a burning desire to help others, caused him to deeply analyze the true causes of divorce. Steve became determined to teach others what he has learned and devotes most of his personal time pursuing that endeavor.

His first book ‘Winning the Marriage Gamble’ , educates readers from a divorced, divorce lawyer’s perspective, simplifying the complicated, explaining what is right before our eyes that we are so blind to, all of which can keep couple’s love and respect for each other thriving. Steve’s experience and knowledge in both his personal and professional lives qualifies him as an expert on the subject of understanding how to improve the odds of achieving success in marriage.

Winning the Marriage Gamble is the most comprehensive, condensed, easy to read, “must read” treatise ever published on this subject.

Winning the Marriage Gamble

Winning the Marriage Gamble explains by way of many examples, what both men and women must do to have really good marriages, or to maintain really good relationships longer, married or not.