What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?
February 25, 2016 Mike McLeland
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It’s  a question people don’t ask themselves very often and probably because if they did; they would actually have to do something. So I ask: what can you do? What can you do for the betterment of your marriage? Think about that and then take steps to make your marriage better than it was yesterday. Need some ideas?

Tell your spouse you love him/her and mean it.

On your way home from work stop at the grocery store and pick up something out of the ordinary that will make your spouse smile, like their favorite ice cream, or a greeting card, or flowers, or chocolate; anything that will be a small surprise and bring a  smile to their face and a warm feeling to their heart.

Do something around the house that you ordinarily don’t do without being asked, like helping with laundry, collecting the trash in every room and taking it out, telling your spouse one reason why you love him or her, give him or her a shoulder rub, suggest going to be early with a sly smile on your face. Do something, anything, playful and fun. Act silly and make her/him laugh.

Get creative with what you can do today to make your marriage better tomorrow. Think about your marriage each day, and do something positive for your marriage every day.

Then; let me know how it worked!