Can You Live Without Your Spouse?

Can You Live Without Your Spouse?
February 25, 2016 Mike McLeland
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It’s a question not commonly asked; or even reflected upon. People meet, date, then marry;  thinking life after marriage will be more wonderful than ever before. While this is true for many; stop and reflect on what your life might be like if your spouse were not around.

In writing my book ‘The Marriage Gamble’ I often reflected on the changes in my life. What about you? If your spouse were not around, what would change? Think about all the things that you would lose simply because the love of your life is not there.  Most likely you would wake up and go to sleep alone. Walk the dog alone. Eat most of your meals alone. A house can be a very empty place when you are alone. Your spouse is a much bigger part of your life than you probably realize on a daily basis. Never lose sight of that fact and never take your spouse’s love for granted. If your mate or spouse walked out of your life tomorrow, your world would change forever and usually not for the better.

Ask yourself ‘Am I being the best spouse, or best mate, that I can be?’ You can always find ways to become a better spouse, and your spouse can find ways to become a better mate to you. If you both focus in that way, every day, then your relationship can only stay strong, or improve tremendously.

Remember, this isn’t about what your spouse is or isn’t doing for you. It’s about you giving of yourself to your spouse. If you both have that same mindset, the “marriage mindset”, then you will tremendously increase the odds of never being without each other which is the ultimate goal of being married.