If you are married, this book is meant for you.

The key to marriage longevity is matrimonial education. Yes, education. Just as higher education is the foundation of career success, relationship education is the key to marital success. No individual or couple knows everything about marriage relationships, and there is always more to learn.

We believe we donít need relationship education, but we do. All of us. Think about it.

From the time we are infants we are taught skills to prepare us for life. Our schools provide the basics of reading, writing and math. Colleges and trade schools offer career instruction. Yet nothing prepares us to be husbands and wives. There is no specific curriculum for matrimonial training, yet we sign a license to practice this vocation without the skills to do it well.

Good marriages donít happen by chance, rather they are the result of intentional effort.

How do we make our marriages last? How do we become better spouses? Through continuous learning. Through practice. Through growth. Through communication.

The Marriage Gamble offers a candid, practical look at virtually every aspect of marriage. Using first-person anecdotes from his 31 years as a family law attorney, author Steve Bruneman offers frank examples to illustrate the preventable pitfalls facing long-term relationships.

The Marriage Gamble is a step-by-step guide offering real-world advice and tips to help spouses think realistically about the most important aspect of their lives. Beginning with the Triangle Theory of Relationships, Bruneman offers a clear look at the paths relationships take, and he focuses on the importance of behavioral management, hard work and marriage maintenance to attaining relationship success.

The Marriage Gamble is a roadmap for continuous relationship learning, an essential reference book to be read and reread for those who want to stay married, and happily so, for life.